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Plot Sajad Ali is a deaf and mute boy. He is the only child of his parents. While growing up, Sajad's parents start developing affection towards each other. After that, when Sajad is five, his parents get separated. After that, Sajad becomes friend of his neighborhood's principal, who keeps Sajad under his wings and is greatly influenced by him. As Sajad grows up, his father is busy in his business. To make Sajad a confident man, Sajad's uncle (a self-proclaimed man of God) sells him into the hands of a crooked wealthy man, Mr. Raghav. Raghav's son Rohan too keeps watching him closely, and he becomes even more attracted to Sajad. Sajad, who is married to a woman named Vidya, makes friends with Rohan. He is frustrated because of his wife's ignorance. She does not even know about his deafness and mute-ness. Rohan, who is attracted to Sajad's wife, persuades Sajad to help him get closer to her. He proposes her of an arranged marriage. But Vidya is disinterested in the idea, but Sajad and Rohan persuade her of it. Sajad gets closer to Vidya's aunt, Mrs. Aunty, who in turn helps him to make Vidya realize Sajad's deafness and mute-ness. Vidya starts getting interested in Sajad. But she is greatly influenced by Rohan, who does not want her to leave her house to stay with Sajad. Sajad and Rohan also make a plan to get Vidya divorced from Sajad, and Rohan and his father make their plan a success. Rohan and his father then convince Vidya to marry Rohan. Vidya and Rohan try to make a move towards each other, but Sajad is the one who interferes with their plan. However, Sajad and Rohan get closer to each other, and Rohan finally realises his mistake of divorcing Vidya. Sajad finally settles down at home with Vidya, where they are married. Cast Naseeruddin Shah as Sajad Ali Shreyas Talpade as Rohan Girish Karnad as Mr. Raghav, Vidya's father Jayshree



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HD Online Player (Iqbal Hindi Movie Download 720p) nafumyth

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